Connection Lab Read Sanford Meisner on Acting

Sanford Meisner on Acting – A must read for Connection Lab participants. Sanford Meisner is the legendary acting teacher whose methods have influenced many award winning actors and driven some of the most memorable performances ever seen.

Meisner’s approach to quality authentic performance was  “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” His foundational principles on acting demanded connecting authentically – by committing yourself to your relationship to your scene partner. Emotion, authenticity, humor – all the things we love about our favorite actors are byproducts of great relationship.

His techniques offer ways to get out of your head and into relationship with competencies like curiosity, detachment from content, invitation, imagination, listening – in real time.

Every chapter reinforces the importance relationship and how to get into authentic relationship. “I’m going to tell you all something. The text is your greatest enemy.” “An ounce of BEHAVIOR is a Worth a Pound of WORDS.” And, it is about practice and preparation, “It is really very simple, it only takes a few years to learn.”

Everything you are practicing is reinforced in this book.

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