Workshops for Online Communication Skills

Connection Lab Online:

There is little we can do to change the nature of the stress in the world today, but it is possible to change our individual and collective response to it. Stress, anxiety and feelings of uncertainty are all legitimate responses to new market conditions and global realities – the counter balance for these responses are effective communication and high quality relationships.

Connection Lab is a communication methodology with a proven track record of tremendous success in more than 10 countries and with over 1000 graduates. Like so many other businesses, Connection Lab has had to adapt its offer from an in-person workshop to an online experience. The foundational principles and practices of Connection Lab allow for this transformation in the new online programs and are as successful as any previous version.

The principles and practices of Connection Lab revolve around our 6 Box Model – an effective deconstruction of the nature of communication and an awareness of how each of us shows up uniquely under stress.


Workshop Objectives:

The workshops are designed to meet business goals:

•   Improving communication between peers, departments, vendors and leaders

•   Improving remote communication between time zones and global locations

•   Conscious culture creation


How Online Connection Lab Works:

Connection Lab Online offers its workshops as 3-hour online experiences with up to 6 participants.

For more information contact us at Connection Lab Online.


Here from our participants:

Theory applied and … experienced.

It was a great way to connect with other colleagues – and learn ways to improve on my communication skills.


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