Practice Presence: Connection Lab a Blended Methodology

The answer you seek is in Relationship. This is repeated over and over as a key to success.

Here is David Solomon from Goldman Sachs:

And even in a world where more and more machines and technology are disrupting the way we do business and the way we all connect, a lot of the value is still created through human interaction and the ability to motivate people or get people to move in a direction with you. All of those are things in my experience here that had a meaningful impact on me and helped me along the way.” —article: Goldman Sachs CEO reveals the valuable job skill he’s finding less and less

Over and over again, we are hearing the need for improved connection and human interaction for motivation and direction. The arts has dedicated itself to the fulfillment of connection—both to content and to the audience. Now, we are hearing about the profitability of good communication in the workplace. How about a place for leaders to learn and practice the art of great communication?


New to Connection Lab? In our efforts to co-create a world of great communicators we have searched and tested a variety of communication practices developing a unique blended methodology. For more information download our brochure below to share with your friends and colleagues.



Connection Lab Brochure (PDF)

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