Connection Lab Offsite Programs

Are you planning your next offisite? We got you!   Company offsite are a great opportunity to get your team together and focused. You’ve brought whole team together for the offsite – and now need to maximize those few days. The power of Connection Lab programs are now available for your offsite – to directly […]

Connection Lab Modules Venn Diagram

The best content in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t communicate. Value propositions live and die by how they are offered and received. Connection Lab offers a robust methodology and workshop series for effective communication. We believe all people are great communicators and our mission is to help people reach their full potential. The […]

Diversity and inclusion only adds value to companies that are open to new information

Diversity and inclusion only adds value to companies that are open to new information At Connection Lab, we work with an increasing number of companies that despite their best efforts are struggling with their D&I programs. We thought it might be useful to share some of our findings. First, let me say that much of […]

Connection Lab Facilitator Development Program

  Connection Lab is pleased to announce the inaugural graduation of our Connection Lab Facilitator Development Program for the 6 Box Model and Module 1 Relationship to Audience. Congratulations to the following graduates for their completion of this one-year 11 session program. Connection Lab FDP Graduates Cathy Hawley, Co-Founder at Bolster and Co-author of Startup […]

Connection Lab Introduces Javier Careaga Director of Latam – Spain

For Immediate Release – October 19th 2021 Connection Lab names Javier Careaga Director of Latam-Spain Connection Lab, a growing company specializing in professional communication, presentation and leadership development. The growth strategy includes opening operations in all Spanish speaking nations beginning with Mexico, Columbia and Spain. With this announcement, Mr. Careaga is now the director of […]

Workshops for Online Communication Skills

Connection Lab Online: The need for Connection Lab online workshops has never been greater. In the world of social distancing, our healthcare experts are warning about social isolation and a current social recession. Communication is our lifeline. And, Zoom fatigue is real. According to recent Blind study only 20% of professionals are actively listening and […]

Virtual Off-site Services

Online Company Offsite Services Connection Lab corporate off-site services translate virtually. While public health restrictions have hindered our group interaction and in person off-sites are prohibited, the company off-site is still needed more than ever. The good news is that the tools and technology are available, and if done properly, to re-charge and re-connect disconnected […]

Join us at the AWAKE Influencers Forum

Connection Lab is excited to be participating in the AWAKE Influencers Conference Jan 28, 29, & 30, 2021. View Schedule and Speaker Bios  Whether you are an experienced healer; a seasoned advocate; an established creative, blogger, artist, podcaster, musician or filmmaker; a nonprofit leader or legislative liaison – or you are just finding your voice to […]

6 Box Video Series

Welcome to the 6Box Video Series The principles and practices of Connection Lab revolve around the Six Box Model – an effective deconstruction of the nature of communication and an awareness of how each of us shows up uniquely under the stress of our realities. These videos are the result of a conversation between Reilly […]

Practice Presence: Connection Lab a Blended Methodology

The answer you seek is in Relationship. This is repeated over and over as a key to success. Over and over again, we are hearing the need for improved connection and human interaction for motivation and direction. The arts has dedicated itself to the fulfillment of connection—both to content and to the audience. Now, we […]

Permission to Fail

“There’s no such thing as wrong notes”—Miles Davis  Granted, we’re not all jazz musicians –but is he right? How will we ever approach our ambition, succeed in the unknown, without a healthy relationship to failure? According the Harvard business review article, Permission to Fail by Aaron Brown: A popular misconception is that a risk manager’s […]

Theory and Practice: Tape Measure Required

  It all feels a million miles away. In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is. – Yogi Berra The only way to test a theory is to put it into practice.When you go for a test drive, the rubber meets the road and we find out if […]

What is Relational Communication?

Connection Lab Relationship Workshop Module 1  – a deep dive into relational communication. It is an opportunity to better understand the connection of people to their content, craft, character and values – then ultimately to their audience. In this workshop we explore questions about relationships, communication and presentation – download our one-sheet for more information. […]

RussBear LifeCoach: I’m Not Open to Feedback Right Now

RussBear LifeCoach: I’m Not open to Feedback Right Now RussBear explains: “I came out as a Life Coach about 8 years ago. it wasn’t so much a decision as a natural process. During that process, I noticed that other coaches and the individuals who hire us had some common challenges – and after many conversations […]

Who decides who should lead?

I follow, therefore I lead: A longitudinal study of leader and follower identity in the marines takes on the question of who decides who is a good leader? Turns out we are using the wrong criteria to choose leaders for our teams. The military is well-known for its system of developing leadership and promoting leaders […]

What do you want to get better at? Re-imagining Personality Assessments

Over the years I have taken a variety of personality tests. While each test had a slightly different focus, the goal of these surveys are to measure and reveal our optimal life path and career choices. Hurrah!   During one of these assessments, a fellow participant complained that she has been doing these tests for […]