Professional Ambition and Enterprise Success Both Begin With Exceptional Communication

Unlock Your Professional Potential Through Effective Communication

In today’s communication-driven landscape, Professional Connection Lab programs offer a unique opportunity for managers and high-potential employees to excel. These customized one-on-one programs equip key personnel with new competencies to understand and navigate the audience-presenter relationship, unlocking new levels of effectiveness.

If you are driven to improve your professional communication skills, Connection Lab can help you unleash your potential as a deeply impactful communicator.

Our online executive programs are tailored to the demands of our digital age. Fortunately, you now have access to more resources than ever before. The key is to harness and organize these resources effectively, and our programs can help you achieve this goal. Effective communication has become a necessity in today’s world, and we are committed to helping you master this critical skill.

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Chris Hamel

“My Connection Lab experience has opened a new door to my professional development. I see the benefits of my program in both my work and personal relationships, my staff is more responsive to me, as is the most senior management.”


Program Objectives

  • Discover the relationship and connection between the presenter and the audience
  • Use the Connection Lab Six-Box Model to reframe communication principles, distinctions, and competencies
  • Work on your business goals and objectives
  • Receive real-time feedback from an audience
  • Develop an effective feedback practice
  • Become an effective communicator in your organization

Module Structure

  • One-to-one programs, personalized to suit your goals and challenges.
  • Half-day (3-4-hour) single-module programs available.
  • Multi-day (one day-plus) multi-module programs available.
  • Can include custom programs or follow-up coaching.
  • All programs are designed for  online experiences.

The Connection Lab Modules

Connection Lab’s six-sequence modules build on one another to create an effective communicator out of any professional. These modules include:


  • Discover the audience.
  • Practice putting connection with the audience over content.
  • Engage the audience to inform the content.


  • Now that the audience feels seen and heard, call the play.
  • Call the audience to action and transmit the vision of leadership.


  • Harness the audience’s imagination.
  • Inspire others to align goals under a unified vision.


  • Experience how atmosphere informs our content.
  • Discover how the environment affects our relationship and call to action.


  • This ancient art is a powerful modern-day tool for successful business.
  • Explore the nature of stories, their power and how to use this craft in a professional setting.


  • Explore the difference between authority and leadership.
  • Assemble all the pieces and begin to effectively answer the questions 1) how do we should up under stress 2) Which of my skills, abilities and empathies disappear under stress and 3) What do I want to get better at?

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