The power of Connection Lab programs are available for your offsite – to directly support your organizational objectives!

Connection Lab Offsite Program

You’ve brought whole team together for the offsite – and now need to maximize those few days. We got you!

Connection Lab large group programs provide powerful learning experiences, a clear methodology to practice, team accountability and real time professional development.

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Program Objectives

  • Communication – rediscover the essence of collaboration and co-creation with peers, investors vendors and clients. Discover the energy and the power that comes with understanding and practicing effective communication.
  • Presentation – Participants connect with audiences large and small and discover the power of clear calls to action.
  • Leadership Development – Discover the power of modeling – of practicing what they ask others to practice. Participants learn to choose how they show up under stress, instead of letting the stress choose for them. They lead from every level of authority and practice transparency with their audiences – we are always recruiting.
  • Best Practices – The answer to so many of the businesses challenges are already under your roof. Participants have hacks, shortcuts, language and insight that the rest of the organization is hungry to hear. Sharing best practices is the fast way whole organizations can level up.


  • Multi or single days events.
  • Large or small groups.
  • Programs designed for your venue and objectives.
  • 6 Box methodology with single or multi Connection Lab Modules adapted to group size available.
  • In-person and online experiences available.

About The Connection Lab Modules

Connection Lab’s communication methodology and six-sequence modules build on one another to create an effective communicator out of any professional and serves to build company culture and inter-departmental communication. These modules include:


  • Discover the audience.
  • Practice putting connection with the audience over content.
  • Engage the audience to inform the content.


  • Now that the audience feels seen and heard, call the play.
  • Call the audience to action and transmit the vision of leadership.


  • Harness the audience’s imagination.
  • Inspire others to align goals under a unified vision.


  • Experience how atmosphere informs our content.
  • Discover how the environment affects our relationship and call to action.


  • This ancient art is a powerful modern-day tool for successful business.
  • Explore the nature of stories, their power and how to use this craft in a professional setting.


  • Explore the difference between authority and leadership.
  • Assemble all the pieces and begin to effectively answer the questions 1) how do we should up under stress 2) Which of my skills, abilities and empathies disappear under stress and 3) What do I want to get better at?

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