We invite you to enter our laboratory, get curious and enjoy the process of becoming a great communicator.

About Us

Connection Lab started with the idea that anyone can become a great communicator with practice, experience and knowledge of the world’s best communication processes.

Our presentation, communication and leadership development programs are designed for improved communication for individuals and groups. The heart of our methodology is making a connection—an authentic connection—with your audience whether that is one person, a team of 10, or more than 50,000 people.

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What Makes Connection Lab Different?

Research Backed

The skills we teach are backed by years of research, expert opinion and decades of personal experience.

Custom Fit

Every module is created with your executives’, professionals’ or team’s unique pressures and challenges in mind.

Consistent Results

Whether you’re looking to align team objectives, help a team communicate effectively or nail that next Keynote, we deliver results every time.

Connection is a Powerful Tool—We Help People Grow Them

Most organizational problems boil down to poor communication. Without the needed tools to communicate with an audience, two groups can interpret completely different messages from an interaction. The typical results are mistakes, delays, rework and frustration.

Connection Lab wants to help the business world rethink effective communication so that everyone can be more productive, more effective, more efficient and more engaged.

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How We Do It

Make a Connection

Reach individuals and groups that want to improve communications.


Design tailored programs through discovery of your unique goals and challenges.


Our experiential programs demystify the communication process through hands-on learning.


Live feedback from communications experts highlights the difference in effective technique.


We provide materials for continued communications improvement as well as optional coaching.


Connection Lab modules are sequenced for more advanced learning with each lab you absorb.

Your Audience Is Waiting

As an executive or professional, you have limited time and limited opportunities to make an impact. Connection Lab teaches the techniques that allow you to shine with every interaction. Whether presenting to a whole hall of people or speaking with just one employee, the words you say have a ripple effect that can change the future.

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Meet the team

Learn more about the people who can make that happen.

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