Workshops for Up to Six People That Make Clear, Effective Communication the New Normal

Effective Team Communication & Collaboration

Participating in Connection Lab workshops will boost your team’s productivity and efficiency. When your team members work with each other to understand and improve how effective communication fosters collaboration and team engagement, it will affect every part of their work effort—from project efficiency, organizational culture, meeting efficiency, sales relationships, customer satisfaction, strategy development, execution, and more.

Our online group programs are designed to cater to the demands of our digital age. Fortunately, you now have access to more resources than ever before – the challenge lies in harnessing and organizing them effectively. Effective communication has become more important than ever, and our workshops can help your team to master this critical skill.

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Cathy Hawley

“We’ve used Connection Lab for leadership development across the company, and received feedback that it’s the best training people have ever taken.”


Why Connection Lab

  • Your teams struggle with internal communications.
  • Miscommunications lead to project delays, rework and/or frustration.
  • Teams are not unified under a singular goal or vision.
  • Teams want to know the techniques and practices that can make them more efficient and effective.
  • You want to raise the standards of communication to make your workplace more positive, productive and engaging.

Team Workshops on Your Schedule

Have a couple of days? Only one? Just a few hours? With our tailor-made content, single modules are available as a half-day (four-hour) experience. Full-day packages combine two modules. Multi-day packages are available, including the full eight-module Connection Lab experience.

  • Half-day (four-hour) single-module programs available.
  • Multi-day (one day-plus) multi-module programs available.
  • Can include custom programs or follow-up coaching.
  • All programs are designed for  online experiences.

The Connection Lab Modules

Connection Lab’s six-sequence modules build on one another to create an effective communicator out of any professional. These modules include:


  • Discover the audience.
  • Practice putting connection with the audience over content.
  • Engage the audience to inform the content.


  • Now that the audience feels seen and heard, call the play.
  • Call the audience to action and transmit the vision of leadership.


  • Harness the audience’s imagination.
  • Inspire others to align goals under a unified vision.


  • Experience how atmosphere informs our content.
  • Discover how the environment affects our relationship and call to action.


  • This ancient art is a powerful modern-day tool for successful business.
  • Explore the nature of stories, their power and how to use this craft in a professional setting.


  • Explore the difference between authority and leadership.
  • Assemble all the pieces and begin to effectively answer the questions 1) how do we should up under stress 2) Which of my skills, abilities and empathies disappear under stress and 3) What do I want to get better at?

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