Who Are We?

We are a laboratory. We practice what we preach with the idea that being a great communicator is mandatory for our success as humans

We are teachers. We will teach you how to create authentic relationships, giving you the ability to connect with one person or 50,000 in any medium.

We are seasoned pros. The Connection Lab modules are a cocktail of years of experience in radio, theater, television, trade show production and ontological coaching.


Russell Hamilton is the founder of Connection Lab, a training and development company specializing in communication, presentation and leadership development programs delivered worldwide. On the way, he has enjoyed serial careers as a radio host, a marketing director, a film/TV producer, a consultant and an author. Russ volunteers at the All Stars Project in New York, he has a couple of old motorcycles, he’s a golfer and a gamer and lives in Greenwich Village NY with his wife Carolyn and their two cats Leo and Bubbles

Carolyn Sevos Hamilton is a facilitator and the Chief Operations Officer for Connection Lab, a training and development company specializing in communication, presentation and leadership development programs delivered worldwide. Her past work includes over 20 years as the CEO/President of IntraCommunities, Inc., a boutique website and database development firm and managed YouCake, Inc., an online website specialized in custom dessert toppers. Previous experience includes teaching high school history and marketing at a small English-language publishing house specializing in books on Asia.

She has an MA in education from NYU and a BA in history from Oberlin College. She served on the board for NAWBO NYC and NYWA. In 2006 she was awarded Public Policy Advocate of the Year by the National Association of Women Business Owners. She loves working with entrepreneurs, traveling and cooking. Carolyn was born in Paris, France and raised in NYC, where she currently resides with her husband and two street cats Bubbles and Leo.


Rai-mon Nemar Barnes has been obsessed with helping independent businesses thrive for more than 20 years. Providing exceptional leadership for agencies, brands, start-ups and publishers across a wide range of industries, he’s displayed a nack for asking the right questions. His experience executing as a big picture thinker who appreciates the little details was the catalyst for founding CodeSwitch.

Rai-mon works tirelessly as an advocate for conscious companies and independent workers with the AIMBA and as a board member for Conscious Capitalism NYC. He is passionate about the arts, the Golden State Warriors, and artisanship.

Founder and Partner at Consciously

Reilly Dow is a graphic facilitator working in English and Spanish. Over the past 10 years, she has supported a broad range of clients on four continents, using visuals to facilitate dialogue, depth, and understanding. Recent projects include co-creating a comic book on ecosystems services with communities on the Gulf Coast of Mexico for the GIZ, and co-facilitating a retreat for global leaders in the Burren on the west coast of Ireland. Reilly’s background in early childhood education informs a focus on lifelong learning and creativity. While completing an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, her research focused on parent voice and participation in local public schools. Reilly was born in Canada and is based in Mexico City.