Based on working with thousands of professionals about what a framework for improving communication would look like, the 6 Box Model emerged.

Connection Lab is a communication methodology with a proven track record across the marketplace in more than 10 countries with thousands of  graduates world wide and growing every day.

The foundational methodology of Connection Lab is rooted in the Six Box Model: three primary questions that we use as lenses to observe the three primary relationships. The 6-Box Model is an effective deconstruction of the nature of communication and an awareness of how each of us shows up uniquely under the stress of our realities and how it may impact our communication.

This framework is embedded in all of the Connection Lab modules. As we explore the principles and practices of effective communication, the 6-Box Model offers an opportunity to see how we show up under stress, decide if that’s how we want to  and practices new competencies that will close the gap.  Along with improved communication, participants create a shared language and culture around their communication, presentation and leadership development.


What Makes Connection Lab Different?

Connection is a Powerful Tool—We Help People Grow Them

Most organizational problems boil down to poor communication. Without the needed tools to communicate with an audience, two groups can interpret completely different messages from an interaction. The typical results are mistakes, delays, rework and frustration.

Connection Lab wants to help the business world rethink effective communication so that everyone can be more productive, more effective, more efficient and more engaged.

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How We Do It

Make a Connection

Reach individuals and groups that want to improve communications.


Design tailored programs through discovery of your unique goals and challenges.


Our experiential programs demystify the communication process through hands-on learning.


Live feedback from communications experts highlights the difference in effective technique.


We provide materials for continued communications improvement as well as optional coaching.


Connection Lab modules are sequenced for more advanced learning with each lab you absorb.

Your Audience Is Waiting

As an executive or professional, you have limited time and limited opportunities to make an impact. Connection Lab teaches the techniques that allow you to shine with every interaction. Whether presenting to a whole hall of people or speaking with just one employee, the words you say have a ripple effect that can change the future.

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Meet the team

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