Connection Lab Facilitator Development Program


Connection Lab is pleased to announce the inaugural graduation of our Connection Lab Facilitator Development Program for the 6 Box Model and Module 1 Relationship to Audience.

Congratulations to the following graduates for their completion of this one-year 11 session program.

Connection Lab FDP Graduates

Cathy Hawley, Co-Founder at Bolster and Co-author of Startup CXO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Company’s Critical Functions and Teams

Javier Careaga, Director LATAM–Spain at Connection Lab and Customer Experience, Coach, Speaker, Author

Heidi Harris, Director, Global Talent Development and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Rubrik, Inc.

Carolyn Sevos Hamilton, COO at Connection Lab


About the Connection Lab Facilitator Development Program (FDP)

Connection Lab is a deep dive into relational communication. It is an opportunity to better understand the connection of people to their content, craft, character and values – then ultimately to their audience. In Module 1 Relationship to Audience, we explore how to achieve better relationships via our communication, presentations and leadership. Through experiential learning, Connection Lab workshops introduces principles of the performing arts and ontological coaching. 

The Connection Lab workshops revolve around the 6 Box Model – a methodology for improving communication – distilling communication into a “manageable process. Manageable is in quotations because distilling complex concepts about our relationships, communication and leadership is in fact a lifelong process that will continual lead us to new of competencies and practices that we want to get better at. Now, at least, we have a framework and filter to better understand our efforts and how to achieve our goals.

The facilitator development program is designed for those who have had the Connection Lab workshop experience and want to take the methodology to the next level – from being a participant to being a facilitator.  Specifically, in this context graduates learn to be better facilitators through a deeper understanding of the 6 Box Model and learning to facilitate the first module – Module 1 – Relationship to Audience. Facilitation requires working without a script and enabling others to each have their own discoveries and achieve their potential as great communicators.

Connection Lab workshops are currently being offered online. For those already in the Connection Lab Network and interested in the Facilitator Development program, reach out to us for more information.