Connection Lab Introduces Javier Careaga Director of Latam – Spain

For Immediate Release – October 19th 2021

Connection Lab names Javier Careaga Director of Latam-Spain

Connection Lab, a growing company specializing in professional communication, presentation and leadership development. The growth strategy includes opening operations in all Spanish speaking nations beginning with Mexico, Columbia and Spain. With this announcement, Mr. Careaga is now the director of operations, design and delivery of all Spanish speaking programs in these regions and beyond.

Mr Careaga was formerly with the University of Mexico as Director of Student Experience, he was a Senior Consultant with Refinery Leadership Partners and was a former Olympic Swimmer for the country of Mexico.

“We have been partnering with Javier for over a decade on a variety of projects, and elevating him to this position made perfect sense. He understands our mission, our value and brings with him a wealth of experience. We are very lucky to have Mr. Careaga  join us and couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity this expansion represents” Russell Hamilton, CEO

Mr. Careaga will also be hosting the Connection Lab Podcast: Lab Notes in Spanish. Like the English version, he will be talking with participants and program graduates around the world about their experience in Spanish.

Connection Lab is expecting to continue its growth by adding more language and regional directors as the demand for this communication methodology continues to grow. 

“Connection Lab – helping people and businesses fulfill their potential through effective communication”