Lab Notes Episode 4 – Invitation

The question “Do you feel seen and heard?” informed much of the conversations and our guest’s leadership journey. In this episode we hear from

  • Katie Berger – Sr People Business Partner and People  at Leader Validity
  • Caroline Pearl – Learning & Organizational Development at LRN
  • Paru Radia – Founder, Startup Advisor, C-Suite Executive at Double Gemini


Katie Berger grooves on the power of sharing a common language and changing the internal narrative.

Caroline Pearl shares her revelation that people remember connection over content and her surprise at how positive feedback challenged her own story.

And, Paru Radia discusses the competency of trusting the process and the super power of authentic demand.

Conversations will revolve around how they are practicing and what they are discovering based on the Connection Lab Six Box Model.

Lab Notes – the Connection Lab Podcast – is an ongoing conversation with people who have been though a Connection Lab workshop, an executive development program or through a Leadership Journey program. For everyone who has ever been to a workshop of this sort and had a useful experience – but are still working on turning that experience into a conscious practice – this is a show designed to support your effort and remind us all that we are not alone.

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