RussBear LifeCoach: I’m Not Open to Feedback Right Now

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RussBear LifeCoach: I’m Not open to Feedback Right Now

RussBear explains: “I came out as a Life Coach about 8 years ago. it wasn’t so much a decision as a natural process. During that process, I noticed that other coaches and the individuals who hire us had some common challenges – and after many conversations and workshops, I was encouraged to create a book to help – so I did. I’m Not Really Open To Feedback Right Now is an experience more than a concept, so it’s difficult to describe . I can tell you that it has pictures, cartoons and a few exercises and that it makes me very happy to hold and flip through. I’ve gotten feedback that others really enjoy it too. Oh yes, I’m also a bear.”

For those who haven’t met RussBear: RussBear LifeCoach: I’m Not Really Open to Feedback Right Now is tough to categorize, but it can be offered as a humor and gift book for all ages with a cheeky, sense of comedy that blends poetic, meditative exercises and Zen koans with our personal need for validation and acknowledgement. It is the story of the journey of Russ Bear Life Coach, a bear in the City, with his friends Spider, Duck and Fish.

This book is a simple, yet, a deeply meditative workbook that reminds us to breath, connect, and get present, which you can easily flip through or work through the journaling exercises and reference on days that you may need may need a guide.

RussBear is available both on itunes or a hard-copy can be purchased by contacting us directly.