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The Lab Notes podcast is an ongoing series focused on leadership development, communication and presentation – for anyone and everyone who wants to follow up to improve their practice. More specifically, it is an ongoing conversation with people who have been though a Connection Lab workshop, an executive development program or through a Leadership Journey program. For everyone who has ever been to a workshop of this sort and had a useful experience – but are still working on turning that experience into a conscious practice – this is a show designed to support your effort and remind us all that we are not alone.


Lab Notes Episodes

Lab Notes Episode 5 – Predisposition

[Guests: Eric Edelman, Holly Enneking, and Jay Nicol]

Lab Notes Episode 4 – Invitation

[Guests:  Katie Berger, Caroline Pearl, and Pary Radia]

Lab Notes Episode 3 – Curiosity

[Guest: Kathy Hawley, Saudia Ganie, and Jim Conrad]

Lab Notes Episode 2 – Relationship

[Guests: Heidi Harris, Brianna Connelly, and Brenda Imes]

Lab Notes – Episode 1 – Practice

[Guests: Javier Careaga, Mark Frein, and Rai-mon Barnes]


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