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95% of people wish they’d communicate better, but it is not always easy to discover those elements that you can practice to improve your capacity to connect and thus impact and inspire others.

At Connection Lab we know we can all become effective, empathetic and inspiring communicators.

Join one of our upcoming workshops from Connection Lab in Spanish and experience the communication methodology that is transforming the World.

Connection Lab Workshops:
• Build trust, collaboration and organizational effectiveness.
• Open space for deeper, personal and fulfilling relationships.

Connection Lab Module 1: Connection to Audience:
• is a deep dive into personal communication; an opportunity to better understand people’s connection: with their content, their capabilities, and most importantly, with their audience.

Connection Lab’s methodology:
• “Six Box” model: an effective deconstruction of the nature of communication, and a tool to better understand how each of us shows up under stress.

Workshop format:
• Where: Zoom room (video and audio)
• Participants: Up to 6
• Duration: 3 hours

Our mission is to co-create a world of great communicators.

* Take advantage of this opportunity and register with a 200USD discount using the code: connectionlab | Original Price: 399 introductory price: 199 (If you have a special need, tell us and we’ll see how we support you).

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Los talleres serán facilitados por Javier Careaga.

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German Durand, Head of Novartis Learning Institute – Latin America & Canada