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Learn To Create Great Relationships

Connecting to your audience is a skill; it can be learned and it can be practiced.

Is your business in transition? Are you growing, shrinking, under new ownership? Perhaps there have been some personnel changes in your organization – or changes to your products – or the marketplace. Many businesses are discovering the need for effective communication has never been greater.

We’ve talked to thousands of professionals and executives about what improving communication would look like and three critical questions emerged:

How am I showing up (under stress)?

      • I judge myself
      • I stop breathing
      • My heart races
      • I lose my place
      • I get defensive
      • I stop listening

How do I want to show up (under stress)?

  • I’m calm
  • I breathe well
  • I listen well
  • I stay present
  • I ask questions
  • I consider the best impact I can have
What do I want to get better at?

  • Connecting with my audience
  • Trusting the process
  • Collaboration
  • Inspiring my audience
  • Permission to fail/succeed
  • Having fun!

What does this look like for me and my organization?

Permission To Connect

Getting Out Of Assessment And Into Relationship

Connection Lab is an active exploration of some primary communication principles.This exploration can be done in a 1:1 coaching environment, in small groups or large cohorts. Participants get up on their feet and experience real-time feedback about when they have the most impact-and when they have the least.

Active Exploration

Participants get up on their feet and experience real-time feedback.

One on One Development

Connection Lab in a 1:1 coaching program is a developmental communication intensive. It is a deep dive into what an individual is currently practicing, deciding if their current impact is desirable and what they might want to get better at. Separating ones relationship with their content and their relationship with their audience is itself a practice and requires some time on stage to fully understand.Each 1:1 Connection Lab coaching program is unique, flexible and dedicated to supporting individuals through their journey to become a highly impact-full presenter and a model communicator for others in their organization.

Group Programs

Connection Lab in small groups and cohorts is extremely effective as an introduction to these powerful principles- as each participant has an audience built into the experience. Supporting others as they take turns presenting on stage develops an appreciation and an appetite for high-quality relationships- then participants go from audience to presenter themselves.Experiencing both sides of the collaborative creation of great relationships is a powerful invitation to start practicing these principles outside in the real world. Participants connect in new ways, work on new competencies together, and have a whole new relationship to feedback.