Virtual Off-site Services

Online Company Offsite Services

Connection Lab corporate off-site services translate virtually.

While public health restrictions have hindered our group interaction and in person off-sites are prohibited, the company off-site is still needed more than ever. The good news is that the tools and technology are available, and if done properly, to re-charge and re-connect disconnected colleagues, foster conversations on ways to help each other and offer an opportunity for the company to value the job of the whole team.

Services include support in these areas:

  • Develop clear off-site goals and objectives : What is your off-site in service of? When the objectives become an endless to-do list and competing agendas confuse company goals, aligning your workforce towards a clear call to action for your off-site energizes the workforce and makes each segment of your offsite more impactful. 
  • Design engaging programs aligned with off-site objectives : Many of the engaging in-person offsite activities can be creatively converted for the virtual arena to elevate the message, engage the participants, allow collaboration and gain valuable feedback.
  • Facilitate interactive discussions : When important discussions are charged, a professional facilitator offers the opportunity for more productive and efficient discussions. Asking good questions and ensuring diverse view points are represented builds ownership across the organization.
  • Speaker coaching and rehearsal practice sessions prior to event : Engaging public speaking takes practice and professional coaching for off-site speakers targets areas and practices that will help the speaker engage more effectively with the audience as well as be in-step with the off-site objectives and company messaging.


To discuss your plans and objectives for a virtual off-site, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.