Workshops for Online Communication Skills

Connection Lab Online:

The need for Connection Lab online workshops has never been greater. In the world of social distancing, our healthcare experts are warning about social isolation and a current social recession. Communication is our lifeline.

And, Zoom fatigue is real. According to recent Blind study only 20% of professionals are actively listening and providing feedback and 27% say they are trying to listen, but often zoning out.

There is little we can do to change the nature of the stress in the world today, but it is possible to change our individual and collective response to it and find ways to better engage our audience as well as become a better audience. Stress, anxiety and feelings of uncertainty are all legitimate responses to new market conditions and global realities – the counter balance for these responses are effective communication and high quality relationships.

While digital communication may not be your preference, the principles of communication transcend media types. The Connection Lab workshops offer a laboratory where you can practice and gain new competencies for effective communication via online platforms.

Connection Lab is a communication methodology with a proven track record of tremendous success in more than 10 countries and with over 1000 graduates.

Online Program Structure:

•    3 hours online communication lab as 1-1 executive sessions or with a team of up to 6 people.

•    Discover a new communication framework with theConnection Lab 6 Box Model – an effective deconstruction of the nature of communication and an awareness of how each of us shows up uniquely under stress. With new communication frameworks comes higher quality conversations.

•   Practice effective communication competencies such as engaging with your online audience, asking good questions, getting real-time feedback, co-creating best possible outcomes and calling your team to action.


Workshop Objectives:

The workshops are designed to meet business goals:

•   Improve communication between peers, departments, vendors and leaders

•   Improve remote communication between time zones and global locations

•   Discover how to create relationship  through digital media

•  Practice new competencies for engaging your audience online

•   Develop company culture consciously

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Download: Connection Lab Brochure – Full

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Here from our participants:

“Theory applied and experienced.

It was a great way to connect with other colleagues – and learn ways to improve on my communication skills.