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Workshops for Online Communication Skills

Connection Lab Online: There is little we can do to change the nature of the stress in the world today, but it is possible to change our individual and collective response to it. Stress, anxiety and feelings of uncertainty are all legitimate responses to new market conditions and global realities – the counter balance for […]

Practice Presence: Connection Lab a Blended Methodology

The answer you seek is in Relationship. This is repeated over and over as a key to success. Over and over again, we are hearing the need for improved connection and human interaction for motivation and direction. The arts has dedicated itself to the fulfillment of connection—both to content and to the audience. Now, we […]

Permission to Fail

“There’s no such thing as wrong notes”—Miles Davis  Granted, we’re not all jazz musicians –but is he right? How will we ever approach our ambition, succeed in the unknown, without a healthy relationship to failure? According the Harvard business review article, Permission to Fail by Aaron Brown: A popular misconception is that a risk manager’s […]

Theory and Practice: Tape Measure Required

  It all feels a million miles away. In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is. – Yogi Berra The only way to test a theory is to put it into practice.When you go for a test drive, the rubber meets the road and we find out if […]

What is Relational Communication?

Connection Lab Relationship Workshop Module 1  – a deep dive into relational communication. It is an opportunity to better understand the connection of people to their content, craft, character and values – then ultimately to their audience. In this workshop we explore questions about relationships, communication and presentation – download our one-sheet for more information. […]

Reframing Human Connection

      Reframing Human Connection   At Connection Lab reframing refers to experimenting with looking at the same thing through a different lens. Artists do this all the time – different ways to test perspective.    The challenge in visual artist is how to achieve three-dimension on a two-dimensional surface. What do you do […]