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Welcome to Lab Notes

About the Podcast   The Lab Notes podcast is an ongoing series focused on leadership development, communication and presentation – for anyone and everyone who wants to follow up to improve their practice. More specifically, it is an ongoing conversation with people who have been through a Connection Lab workshop, an executive development program or […]

Lab Notes Episode 10 – Learning

Introducing Lab Notes Episode 10 – Learning What does the business need to get better at? What do I want to get better at? Can I separate the desired outcome of learning from the competency itself? How did I learn what I know now? When we ask these questions we get a chance to explore […]

Lab Notes Episode 9 – Isn’t that interesting

The best content in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t communicate. Value propositions live and die by how they are offered and received. In this episode two more amazing guests offer their process turning powerful theory into great practice. On this episode, we talk to:   Conversations revolve around how they are practicing and […]

Lab Notes Episode 8 – Permission

Executives from the Connection Lab Network share their 6 Box Methodology practice on Business Communication, Presentation, and Leadership. On this episode, we hear from: Angelica Tellez, Director Business Development, Lee Hecht Harrison / CEO, NATEB global Consulting Aaron Mills, Senior Engineering Manager, Cloud Infrastructure, Ibotta, Inc. Conversations revolve around how they are practicing and what […]

Lab Notes Episode 7 – Soften

Our guest: Lori Triolo • Actor, Teacher, Principal at the Art of Awareness In this episode, we study the relationship between business and breathing: our subject is somatic. Our conversation is a deep dive into just how unconscious our relationship to ourselves can be and how that can have debilitating effects on every aspect of […]

Lab Notes Episode 6 – Meet them were they are

If you are a coach, a facilitator, a manager, director or a CEO – one of the most challenging and most important objectives is to meet the individuals around you where they are. What’s interesting to them? What’s useful to them? How can I meet this person where they are? It’s often easier to identify […]

Lab Notes Episode 5 – Predisposition

How many ways can I be predisposed? Likely in more ways than I know. Am I so predisposed that I am closed to new information? In this episode, each of our guests struggle and overcome their predispositions to really get present and fulfill their potential as communicators and leaders. Eric Edelman • VP of Platform at […]

Lab Notes Episode 4 – Invitation

The question “Do you feel seen and heard?” informed much of the conversations and our guest’s leadership journey. In this episode we hear from Katie Berger – Sr People Business Partner and People  at Leader Validity Caroline Pearl – Learning & Organizational Development at LRN Paru Radia – Founder, Startup Advisor, C-Suite Executive at Double Gemini   Katie […]

Lab Notes Episode 3 – Curiosity

In this episode we hear from: Cathy Hawley – Chief People Officer, Saudia Ganie – Technical Recruiting Lead at RStudio, Inc. and Jim Conrad – President of JCA Communications. Cathy Hawley paints a vision for her staff – and leading with curiosity was key. It took shouting out loud at Russ during her executive program […]

Lab Notes Episode 2 – Relationship

In this episode we talk to Heidi Harris – People Leader, Learning & Leadership Development Professional, Executive Coach at Validity in Las Vegas, Nevada Brianna Connelly – Director of Data Engineering at Integrate in Wheat Ridge, CO and Brenda Imes – Organizational Development Specialist at Canpotex Limited in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Each conversation revolves around their […]