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Connection Lab | Larry Bird <> Sanford Meisner

    On this episode of Connection Lab: We connect Larry Birds insight on practice with the competencies Sanford Miesner espoused during his years running the Neighborhood Playhouse acting school in NYC. As the story goes, Larry Bird (Hall Of Fame Celtic) was found one night, long after practice, in the 14th row of Boston…

Connection Lab in Ethiopia: Part 3

It’s 10:17pm and we’re speeding down a gravel road in a 1974 Datsun 510 with old tires. There is a power outage so it’s particularity dark. I know from buying some water here earlier that there are construction vehicles randomly parked on each side of the road. Huge back hoes and dump trucks clogging the… Read more »

Connection Lab in Ethiopia: Part 2

Dateline Addis: Nov 6th 2014   It’s 8:35 am. This is the view from the 7th floor overlooking the roundabout on Africa Ave at Deluxe Furniture. We are scheduled to start at 9. Patrick is setting up the breakout room down stairs so I’m the greeter. This group has done two in-person workshops and several… Read more »

Connection Lab in Ethiopia: Part 1

Addis Ababa – November 6th 2014 I’m twenty hours in country when I meet with my team mates at the UNDP Regional Service Center. We’ve just received word that one of our participants has excused himself due to what he calls an, “Ebola emergency” somewhere else in Africa. I was tested for illness when I… Read more »

Patch Adams: Lessons From A Lifelong Clown

I had the honor to attend a Patch Adams workshop this last weekend. Yes, Robin Williams’ Patch Adams. He showed a picture of himself and Robin on the set, they were both smiling down at a dog, unseen in the picture, defecating just in front of them. Robin asked to take the next one with… Read more »